Food for stomach ulcers is available at home

Heartburn which often recur suddenly is very disturbing of daily activities. In order not to get worse, you also need to select and know a variety of good food consumed for heartburn sufferers. Heartburn is generally caused by inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), infection, consumption of certain drugs, the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages, caffeine, spicy food, smoking, and stress. If not treated immediately, heartburn can trigger bleeding in the stomach and increase the risk of dangerous diseases, such as stomach cancer. Good Food For Heartburn Patients In general, food selection for heartburn sufferers aims to ease the workload on the digestive tract and help neutralize excess stomach acid. The following are a variety of foods that are good for heartburn sufferers, including: Banana and melon Bananas and melons are fruits that have low acidity. Both of these fruits are highly recommended for consumption by heartburn sufferers, because they help stabilize the in
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